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Custom Picture Frame Style #241 - with Ornate Corners & Finished Corners

- Black & Gold Finish

- from Manhattan Gallery Frames and Mirrors

- Available in <u>all</u> custom sizes, including very large sizes

- measured down to 1/16 of an inch

- Manhattan Gallery Frames & Mirrors - A study in Excellence!

On Sale Now - 45% off!

This many-centuries old acanthus leaf design picture frame is truly a classic. It has wonderful layers, levels and interest. It scoops in from the outside toward the inside, through various architectural levels and invites the viewer in toward the art in the most classic way. It is truly not an end unto itself, but rather, an invitation to the art.

This is our Black & Gold finish. This is a truly excellent frame! It comes with a matching liner as shown in the image. However, we would be happy to supply a linen liner upon request.

All of our finished, ornate corner custom frames are made and finished in the USA. We will require some lead time for commissioning and delivery.

Moulding Width: 4 1/2"

The price shown is for a 5"x7" frame. Select the size of frame that you want for BOTH the Length and Height of your frame below. The total price will be the 5x7 price plus the two incremental amounts. You will see the total price once you add your frame to your shopping cart.

If you need a Custom Picture Frame in a fractional size, please round UP to the nearest half inch and let us know in the "Comments" section of your order the precise size frame you require. Our custom picture frames are priced to the half inch but we make them to the 1/16th inch.

All of our Picture Frames are measured from the INSIDE of the Picture Frame. This means that to derived the outside dimensions you must add two times the moulding width to each dimension. In other words, please order your Picture Frames by size of the art that will go in your Frames.

All of our series 200 Manhattan Gallery Picture Frames are hand leafed and finished here in the US. At Kevane & Company we think that nothing in this world can compete with our American made corners and finishing. Our Series 200 frames are custom made and hand-finished.

Our Custom Size Series 200 Manhattan Gallery Collection is painstakingly crafted to perfection under the direction of a master framer. These are true masterpieces of the framer's art to compliment your home and custom size art.

We think that you will agree that we offer one of the most tasteful and extensive collections of Ornate Picture Frames on the web. Please check out this fine collection of "Ornate Picture Frames".

On Sale Now - 45% off!

Custom Frame Style #241 - Finished Ornate Corners MG-GLB-906-CUSTRegular price: $333.66Sale price: $183.51Length in Inches::  Height in Inches:: 
Kevane & Company has a $75.00 minimum order in order to purchase from our online shop.

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